NDIA Central Georgia covers the middle of the state.

Welcome to our chapter

National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Central Georgia Chapter, a U.S. Security Organization, is an educational nonprofit that engages thoughtful and innovative leaders who contribute to national defense and security.

Formed in 2020...

NDIA Central Georgia Chapter is young but tenured, with a strong history of dedication and professionalism. We represent leading organizations in the Central Georgia region that support the defense industrial base. 

Why join NDIA Central Georgia

Professional Growth

Members can access a collaborative environment that fosters professional growth through strategic networking, education, and career development.

Educational Benefits

Members can connect with academia and participate in educational programs, enhancing their knowledge and skills in the defense and security sectors.


Members benefit from ample engagement opportunities between professionals in the military, government, industry, and academia.

A student works on a motherboard


Give high schoolers a second chance at STEM

NDIA Central Georgia believes that every student should have the opportunity to be a part of advancing our Nation’s capabilities. With our Second Chance scholarship, we support eligible students pursuing the STEM field by  decreasing the cost of that opportunity. 

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